Tenant Exchange
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Tenant Exchange

Physical Analysis
  • Quality: Construction, Finish, Lobby, Elevators, Wet Columns
  • Floor Size: Configuration, Adaptability, Views
  • Building Efficiency: Loss Factor
  • Tenant Improvement Package, Allowance: Lighting, doors, Ceiling Height, Carpet, Wallcover, etc.
  • Mechanical Systems: Heating and Air Conditioning, Electrical
  • Amenities: Parking, Access, Signage, Public Transportation, Restaurants, Security, etc.
  • Financial Analysis
  • Rents: Quoted, contract, Effective, rentable versus Usable, Escalations
  • Operating Expenses: Base Year Expense Stop (Includes Taxes, Utilities
  • Quantify Value: Concessions, Inducements, Above Standard Improvements, Existing Lease Pickup
  • Options: Renewal, Expansion, First Right of Refusal, Early Termination
  • Subleasing Rights
  • Net Present Value: True Cost of Occupancy, Computerized Printout Comparing Alternatives
  • Review, Final Selection
  • Pre-approved by Senior Management
  • Time-Frame : 1 to 2 Months