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Two of the largest financial institutions in Canada merged in 2000 creating a branch network of several hundred branches. The integration of the two banks yielded several hundred excess branches and excess commercial space across Canada. While many branches are with the suburban GTA, many more are located in the smaller rural markets outside the urban centers.
To identify, evaluate and strategic plan for the disposition of the excess owned and leased locations. The co-ordination of the appraisal of the mutiple locations having regard for prevailing micro market conditions was and is a challenge. The disposition strategy involved assessing the local market forces in play affecting each of the subject properties.
Craig and Gary Williamson have assisted the new TD Canada Trust company in evaluating and strategically planning the disposition of multiple properties and lease obligations across Ontario.
Our solution included the thoughtful consideration of assembling the right team and right individuals in the various markets. In many cases local realtors were enlisted and managed by the tenantexchange.com team to provide local market information and co-ordinate the marketing activities. Because locations are located in diverse areas of the country, the selection and co-ordination of each assignment required and requires much direct conact with the local team members. It is through this "Single Point of contact" strategy that has allowed TD Canda Trust the opportunity to exploit size, scope and experience of the CB / Tenantexchange.com team while integrating the local market knowledge all at NO additional cost to TD Canada Trust.
Sales and Leasing commissions are not impacted throught the expanded number of players involved in most transactions. Accountability therefore is maintained throughout the integration assignment.