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Holman Insurance Brokers, a family run Insurance Brokerage firm located in Richmond Hill, Ontario, was occupying 6,000 square feet in an office condominium owned by the Holman Family. The business had significantly outgrown the property and the quality of the surrounding commercial neighborhood had deteriorated. Requiring approximately 1,400 square feet and after meeting with xDesign Inc., Holman Insurance evaluated the marketplace and identified two short listed facilities that would meet its needs.
To package the best alternative, minimizing the expense of the relocation of the business, namely leasehold improvements and furniture. Our assignment included a comprehensive evaluation of the office condominium to assess the disposition price essential to finance the move.
After extensive evaluation of the Holman needs, 7100 Woodbine Avenue was identified as the front-runner as a candidate for the relocation. Our tenantexchange.com team helped plan, build, wire, furnish, move and provide legal advise on the final lease negotiation.
In the End:
Holman Insurance Brokers relocated to a first class office facility, secured almost 1 year in gross free rent, exclusive building signage and a host of other economic inducements from the new landlord. We immediately disposed of their office condominium within 2 weeks of listing, after another firm had been marketing the space for over six months.